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Fix a bug by yourself?

Some bugs are client-sided, this means that it is there only for you or certain people on our server.


Here are some things you can do by yourself that might fix the issue.


Changing version

A thing that could cause the bug is the version, we ask you to change the Minecraft server and try it again.


Disabling mods (forge mod, fabric, etc.)

We ask you, also for your own risk, to disable any mods. The only mod that is allowed is optifine. Try disabling your mods.


Use the main launcher

Try not to use a client like Badlion or Lunar Client. These clients may cause the bug.


Disable texture packs

Disable the texture packs you have enabled.


Reinstalling Minecraft

The last option we recommend is reinstalling Minecraft. This will clean the whole cache and might fix the bug.


If these options didn't work, then the bug is probably for everyone else too. Please post a topic on our forum reporting the bug. Click Here.